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Your Wellness Matters

Intimate Altar Wellness and Counseling Center offers at-no-cost wellness sessions for women ages 18 and over. Our services are donation based. Start your journey to transformation and healthy mental awareness today!

Intimate Altar Wellness

Because your wellness is personal

Intimate Altar Wellness and Counseling Center is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that offers free-of-charge outpatient mental health wellness counseling for women ages 18 years and older.

Our wellness center provides services such as individual mental health counseling and support groups, as well as providing complimentary seminars for job skill development, parenting, and financial literacy. 

Intimate Altar Wellness assists women to break free from life controlling issues such as:

workplace stress



toxic relationships

overcoming divorce




low self-esteem, and much more! 

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Renew your passion. Transform your thoughts.
Revive your wellness.

Together, we can rewrite your vision!

Happy at Home

Intimate Altar Wellness Center is at no cost!

We are donation based services.

When you donate to the mission and vision to touch hearts through Intimate Altar Wellness, you are changing lives! Please contact us for non-cash donations.


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Contact Us Here 

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1321 W. Randol Mill Rd.
Suite 108
Arlington, TX. 76012


  • Is Intimate Altar Wellness right for me?
    Intimate Altar Wellness may be right for you if you are seeking to improve the quality of your mental and emotional health.
  • Will Intimate Altar Wellness Center help with my mental illness diagnosis?
    Intimate Altar Wellness does not diagnose mental illness nor provide treatment. We will work with community resources to provide our guests with additional assistance when needed.
  • What type of wellness sessions are offered?
    Wellness sessions offered at our center include specific issues such as workplace stress, anxiety, toxic relationships, parenting, depression, trauma, grief, overcoming family conflicts, self-esteem, overcoming domestic violence, surviving divorce and more.
  • Is my privacy protected?
    Our guests may rest in the fact that Intimate Altar Wellness is very serious about securing your privacy and confidentiality. We are dedicated to providing a safe space.
  • Can I stay anonymous?
    When you sign up for a session, you will be asked to provide your full name and contact information to include phone number and email where applicable. This is for our records only and will not be distributed in any manner.
  • How do virtual sessions work?
    Virtual sessions are a great way to conveniently access your wellness session no matter where you are. The sessions are conducted via computer using video by our staff. When a virtual session is scheduled by our guests, an email notification will be sent for confirmation containing additional instructions on how to attend the session.
  • Will my insurance by charged?
    Intimate Altar Wellness Center is completely free of charge. Always.
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