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Intimate Altar Wellness Data Insights

Empowerment, Generational Outreach, and Celebrating Diversity


Intimate Altar Wellness is proud of our volunteers! With a total of 1,856 hours dedicated across various activities, our committed volunteers have greatly contributed to Counseling, Office tasks, Coaching sessions, Workshops, and Community events. These hours signify our collective effort towards fostering holistic well-being in our community. Learn more about our volunteers HERE




At Intimate Altar Wellness, our AGE DATA showcases a comprehensive age distribution of our female participants. A predominant 85% fall within the 35-50 age bracket, emphasizing our strong outreach to mature women. The subsequent age groups,

18-24, 25-30, 30-35, and 50-70, each constitute 5%, 4%, 3%, and 3% respectively, highlighting our diverse age representation and commitment to catering to women across various life stages.


Intimate Altar Wellness is proud to share our Diversity Data, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity. The chart illustrates that a significant 93% of our community identifies as Black, followed by smaller representations of 2% White, 4% Hispanic, and 1% Asian. This data underscores our vibrant diversity, capturing the essence of the diverse community we serve and support.

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