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Volunteer Opportunities

We have three categories of volunteers at  Intimate Altar Wellness Center.
Charity Donation
Activities for individual volunteers may include:
  • Various administrative tasks

  • Data entry

  • Thank you notes and calls to donors

  • Product inventory

  • Online research

  • Event preparation

Volunteers at Food Bank
For Group volunteering information, please contact us at to find out how you can help! All group volunteer projects are pre-arranged based on our needs and supervised by a staff member at all times.
Meetup Meeting
 An internship at Intimate Altar Wellness provides the opportunity for individuals to gain experience and hands-on training, as well as academic credit, if requested. Our internship opportunities vary throughout the year, and we are always accepting applications. All internships are voluntary and are unpaid. 
woman at office

Positions Needed

Social Workers

Mental Health Therapists

Mental Health Counselors

Outreach Team

Front Desk Reception

Grant Writers

Social Media Marketing’

Graphic Design

Registered Nurses


At this time, all positions for Intimate Altar Wellness are on a voluntary basis and are unpaid.

Please note that due to legal requirements, privacy policies, and the nature of the issues our sessions work through, individual and group volunteers   are very limited in their interaction with our guests and will not be involved in any of the following at any time:
  • Providing counseling

  • Spending any unsupervised or one-on-one time with guests

  • Engaging in any of the application review process

Age Requirements:
The minimum age for volunteers at Intimate Altar Wellness is 16.

Volunteer with us!

Welcome To Our Family !

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